Dance Class
Dance Class

Dance Class

Hip Hop is an umbrella term that encompasses many styles.  For some it is a way of life with its own culture.

CLICK HERE TO SEE A SHORT DEMO Solo – Dance Class Short Demo


In OHC (Oasis Health Club) Hip Hop classes you will be dancing to current music from popular artists to old school artists where the culture of Hip Hop began.  Whatever is getting you moving in the clubs, this is what will get you moving in dance classes!

This is a style anyone can learn easily with no prior training is necessary.  If you find you naturally love to dance when out on the dance floor, this is the style for you.  Refine your skills and chase that feeling of mastering a routine.  That’s what we are all addicted to here at OHC, the feeling of getting a routine and letting yourself go within it.

In our dance classes, you will be purely dedicated to discovering your own individual style.  The teacher of this class will lead you through simple repetitive movement so that you could use it elsewhere whether your at home or in the club.  Every week you will be learning more movement to create a routine for the end of term showcase within the health club.  Within the term you will also be educated on the history of Hip Hop culture.

Why do a term? 

  • It is for the purpose of individuals getting into a fun and active way of cardiovascular & strength based fitness
  • It also helps to improve in flexibility and coordination.
  • There are many like-minded individuals who will encourage and push as the teacher only strives for growth will accompany you; and
  • Lastly throughout this term, there will be a showcase of what you have learnt and progressed within dancing where you will perform in front of an audience

How much will the term cost?

  • Casual Class $18 – 1 hour class
  • Class Package $650 includes:
    •  3 classes per week for 12 weeks &
    • 1 Free Private Session – normal price $120/hour
  • 3-Month Contract (come to reception to collect all forms)

What will I get out of the term?

  • Pure confidence within yourself and image
  • Being able to move with greater coordination
  • Having the opportunity to showcase and perform
  • Happiness in health & fitness
  • A DVD copy of your 12-week progression & performance; and
  • Weight loss!

Next Step?
Contact us at or at reception to register your interest today – SPACES STRICTLY LIMITED!