Fitness For Life
Fitness For Life

Fitness For Life

“The reason I exercise is to achieve the quality of life I enjoy.”


Health and fitness is something that is important at EVERY stage of life.  At Oasis, we will teach you the differences, benefits and necessities of undertaking specific exercises to springboard your quality of life!

Get your kids & grandparents off the coach and enter them into our health and fitness centre to enjoy some of the best years of their lives.  Oasis provides specific programs for people at all stages of life and every step of the journey.

Our team of experienced health and fitness specialists cater to the achievement of every fitness goal.  Whether your children are looking for that competitive edge in school sport, or your parents are looking to safely reduce their blood pressure through targeted exercise, we are the one stop shop for your fitness goals.  Do yourself and your family a favour and allow us to show them the way to a healthier tomorrow.

At Oasis we don’t want you to be a member for a few months, or a year, we want you to be a member for the rest of your life.  Let us have the opportunity to be your partner in fitness and your best friend in getting the most out of life!

Keep up with the kids! Win your competition! Complete that charity fun run! Go for a long walk with your grandkids! Increase the productivity of your corporate workforce through fitness and bonding!

Be the absolute best that you can be! The capacity to live a longer, healthier more fulfilled life that is our commitment to you.  Fitness for life.  Join the biggest fitness family today!