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Oasis Group Fitness Classes.

  • Learn what it takes to be stronger in our calorie-crunching group fitness classes — taught by the industry’s most passionate instructors.
  • Take an Oasis group fitness class and learn from world-class instructors in a fun, fast paced environment. Whether you’re looking to kick your fitness into high gear with Kickboxing, get moving with Zumba, Les Mills Classes or achieve inner and outer peace with Yoga, we offer classes that appeal to all interests and fitness levels.
  • The tested and proven formula to transforming your body fast


Cross Training

When pursuing strength gains, improved performance and a chiseled midsection, it’s important to use every method at your disposal. Too many get stuck on a single technique or school of thought and dig themselves into a rut that’s hard to escape from.

We all experience plateaus. To overcome them we need to approach them constructively. In order to grow, we need to reinvent ourselves and the things we do. In the gym, this involves stepping outside of our comfort zone and seeking fresh, dynamic programs.

Cross-Training epitomizes this approach. It draws on a variety of disciplines and incorporates vigorous and highly productive workouts. Cross-Training combines different workout strategies, such as body building, track and field, and boxing, for a single, comprehensive training session.

You’ll remember the ripped guys from the movie 300 a few years ago… They relied exclusively on cross-training to achieve their collectively jacked look. Check out some of the benefits of cross-training …



A Bootcamp falls somewhere between running and weight training. It’s an intense workout that leaves you breathless, with toned abs and chiseled legs.

Bootcamp challenges every muscle in your body. With little rest between sets, you’ll feel the intensity and burn. Because you’re constantly moving for an hour, your body has no time to rest so you burn hundreds of calories. And you keep burning them well after you stop.

It’s for the strong, the weak, the fit, and the not so fit. It doesn’t discriminate. As long as you have the will to finish what you started, this is for you.

The benefits of bootcamp are astonishing. Once you finish your first class, clothes drenched in sweat, heard pounding and muscles fatigued, you’ll get a massive burst of energy and confidence when you realise what you just endured and completed.

Finishing a challenging workout builds confidence and self esteem. You’ll discover that you just did something awesome for your body and your mind.


Body Transformation

Body transformation is an comprehensive program to change your body, and your mind. Participants start and finish the challenge together. There are a few pre-program tasks focusing on goal-setting and motivation.

For each of the 12 weeks, there is a different nutrition program and workout program. There are a number of different fitness levels from beginner to advanced, lean and strong. There is even a training for marathon one.

The nutrition program builds around 1200 calories limit a day (more for guys and pregnant or breastfeeding women). Food is fresh and healthy and the recipes very simple.

Workout is “intense” with 5 sessions a week—an intelligent mixture of cardio and strength training. There is a Super Saturday Session, which often lasts one hour with a fitness/circuit challenge.

There are weekly “mindset” sessions with Alicia Gowans herself that are motivational and informative.

You also get support from the crew as well as the fabulous members via a Facebook group!


Older body? No worries…

We have carefully designed programs for older people who want to get the most out of life

There’s a powerful myth that getting older means inevitable decline. It’s not true. People in their 70s, 80s, and 90s are out running marathons and in the gym building their bodies.

Many of the symptoms that are often associated with age, such as weakness and loss of balance, are actually symptoms of inactivity, not age, and can happen at any age.

And your physical health is not the only thing that improves with exercise. Exercise also boosts memory and helps prevent dementia. And it can help you maintain your independence and your way of life. If you stay strong and agile as you age, you’ll be more able to keep doing the things you enjoy and stay independent longer.

Studies show that exercise can reduce your chances of a fall. Exercise builds strength, balance, and agility. Exercises like tai chi can be especially helpful in improving balance.

And regular exercise is one of the best ways to strengthen bones.


The “Secret Fat burning weight loss machine” sessions—the “lunch-time body shrinker”

At Oasis, we have a secret weapon!  It is the first training concept to combine alternating high and low pressure with exercise to help target fat in those areas where it won’t budge. The simple 30-minute workout is safe, pain free and completely natural—helping your body tap into stubborn fat stores while you work out. In just 12 sessions, you can lose up to 30 centimetres from your problem areas—a greater reduction than you would generally see from conventional training alone.

An independent study has shown that a our special cardio machine workout is significantly superior to a conventional workout in targeting fat and cellulite in stubborn areas. In fact it has been hailed the “natural alternative to liposuction” by Oxygen magazine.  If you’re looking for an EASY, low impact, EFFECTIVE solution, then this is for you!

This fat burner has a cult following worldwide, which includes a raft of celebrities.

Exercise is critical for sustainable weight loss. But some don’t like the idea of going to the gym or having a personal trainer. And when we do exercise, we don’t see results in the areas that bother us the most. This is where this alternative can help you!  In combining the use of all Oasis’s facilities, this one will really see the weight MELT OFF!

This special fat burning machine has exploded in Australia because it meets the demands of men and women looking to burn fat and reduce cellulite, fast. Thousands of Oasis members are booking the weight loss booster as an adition to their gym membership as they can achieve significant results in a shorter time—all in the comfort of a boutique training environment.

Hailed as the “lunch time body shrinker” by Cosmopolitan magazine, the easy 30-minute sessions will leave you feeling energised instead of exhausted.

Ask us at reception and book your FREE TRIAL SESSION of this state of the art weight loss weapon, as it is perfect for those people needing to kick start their weight-loss journey or for those who exercise regularly but cannot shift the weight from a problem area.


Fitness model coaching

Getting ready for another year of shows? Want to step up on stage for the first time?
Thinking of competing in Figure or Bikini?

So much is involved in preparing for these events that it is essential to get proper guidance and coaching to prepare you.

I cover everything you need to do from start to finish to ensure you get into optimal shape:
    •    nutrition—before, during and after competition;
    •    lifestyle factors;
    •    hormonal imbalances;
    •    detoxification ability;
    •    food intolerances; and
    •    training methods.

These details will ensure you stay at the top of your game before, during and after your competition.

Fitness model packages include:
    •    Initial assessment;
    •    customized competition weight training, cardio, and diet plans;
    •    weekly/bi-weekly photo analysis to help track your progress;
    •    unlimited support for questions/concerns; and
    •    overall preparation to help you with stage presentation and etiquette.