New Mums Makeover
New Mums Makeover

New Mums Makeover

“Strong mummies make strong babies.”


Pregnancy can be one of the most difficult times for your body!

Don’t let weight gain and unhealthy habits get the best of you during this time. Research shows that exercising through your pregnancy can improve your physical and mental wellbeing.

Maintaining a healthy weight during pregnancy helps in returning to your pre-baby weight more quickly and also reduces the risk of developing gestational diabetes, which is more common in mothers who are overweight.

At Oasis, our highly experienced team brings with it years of experience in training women of all ages through pre, during and post pregnancy stages! Train with confidence and assurance that you’re getting the best possible advice to help keep you and your bub healthy through this very special time!

Just given birth? We will show you how to correctly get back into the swing of things. During pregnancy the body has undergone significant stresses that need to be accounted for when delving back into a fitness and health program.

We can tailor build you a program to progressively condition your body back into a consistent exercise program that will position you back in your healthy lifestyle! Whether that is just losing the extra kilos you put on during your pregnancy, or increasing you energy, strength and endurance to keep up with your little bub, we will be with you every step of the process.

Not just showing you how to lift the weights inside of the gym, our highly experienced staff who are mothers themselves can coach you in how to juggle time with the new bub so that you ensure you aren’t neglecting the most important person – YOU.

Get involved in the group classes for new mums that surround you with likeminded individuals that are finding themselves at the same stage of their life journey.

Immerse yourself in our beautiful inviting environment and take the step into our Oasis community today!